Anyone Can Be a World Record Holder

I am sure at some point on a give day you have sat around completely bored thinking, “I wonder what the record would be for standing on one leg while clapping.”  The answer is 136 in case you are wondering and can be found on the Universal Record database (URDB).  The URDB is a web-based collective where people can talk about records, set records, or beat records.I recently caught an event where URDB wanted to send out the largest hoax to ever be put out on Twitter.  Three hundred people immediately took out their phones and computers and sent out their data message.  This got me thinking, my school could be a world record holder.  Pick the event, any event, such as the longest time of touching your tongue to your nose (37.9 seconds if you are keeping score).  You could even take it a step further, say twenty people touching their tongues to their noses for one minute.  The process is simple, record the event, submit the video to, and your record will be reviewed and then posted.

The potential for this idea is limitless, I could see themes and rallies set around this concept of setting records.  With the students in our schools today, and the dependence on social media and the internet, a chance to be in a video online holding a world record would be a great opportunity.  The only step that is left is to get your kids to brainstorm ideas for possible records, go out and set them and then break them.


~ by cadaleaders on May 2, 2010.

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