Download YouTube Videos on Mac

Video is a great resources for teaching a lesson or demonstrating a skill to staff, students, or any group.  The dilemma, for a majority of educators YouTube is blocked on school computers.  What to do?  I published a blog a while ago detailing how to download videos on a PC and convert them to play on your computer.  Now, after much requests and my own new Mac, I offer this brief journal on downloading videos on your Mac.

First off, open Safari.  Safari is the browser that will make this work.  Once the video has completely uploaded on the website, go up to “Window” on the nenu bar at the top of the page and click on activity.  A lot of information will appear about what has loaded on that webpage.  What you are looking for is the largest file, most likely the only one followed by a “mb” (mega bytes) as all of the others will have “kb” (kilobytes).  When you find the one with the “mb” after it, double click on it.  It should start to download to you computer.

Next up you will need a program called “HandBrake.”  HandBrake is a free program that will read and convert flash video files to a readable format on your computer.  Essentially, HandBrake will transform your video from an “.flv” (flash video file) to a Quicktime movie (.mov).  Now, you can play this on your computer at home or work using the Quicktime player.  Quicktime is a free download on the Apple website and works on any Mac or PC.

I’m working on a video tutorial to help demonstrate the process.  If this is of interest to you let me know and I will get that up and published in the podcast.


~ by cadaleaders on May 26, 2010.

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