It’s Time to Play

Whether facing graduation in the weeks ahead or breathing a sigh of relief with another group of seniors or eighth graders behind you – it all means one thing – summer vacation is here.  This could mean a trip to the beach, family car trip, trekking across Europe or a week in Hawaii.  For me, it means sleep (long over due) and a chance to do all the things I could not do during the year – at least when I’m not hanging out on the surf and sand.

One of my goals that I started this year and I plan to expand upon next year is my use of technology in the classroom.  I was fairly successful with Twitter in my English classes as well as having kids using their cell phones as learning tools.  However, I want to take it further.  I want to teach kids the technological tools of the Twenty-First Century that will not only make them better critical thinkers and communicators, but may lead to future employment in the professional world.

As the summer advances I will be posting blog updates and podcasts on various new tools I am trying out for school next year.  My first podcast, which should show up in the next week or so, will be exclusively on Twitter and how I managed this large account.  What I am asking of you is to take the time to play.  Whether you wait for word from me, grab a family member, a student, a former student, or can figure it out on your own – give yourself permission to play.  Start a Twitter account, check out other people on Twitter (for starters, you can see who CADA is following and go from there).  Post small updates, links, observations or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Another great piece of technology I encourage you to check out is the Google Education Apps.  Google Wave just went mainstream, one more tool for teachers and students to collaborate on documents.  Check out the tutorials on Google – there are videos out there as well – and the many studies and briefs on how schools are using this technology to support student learning and collaboration. This will be a big part of my English classes next school year as well as my ASB class.

Summer is here, go forth and relax.  Then, on one warm afternoon where you feel caught up on sleep and you are nice and relaxed, go and play on your computer while you have the free time.


~ by cadaleaders on June 2, 2010.

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