Facebook Everywhere

After weeks of plotting and planning my wife and I had managed to escape th house to go and see a movie.  We have a one month old at home, a bundle of joy, but we were okay with taking a break while Grandma baby sat.  As we hunkered down with our tub of popcorn giddy with excitement at our afternoon of movie watching, the lights begin to dim save the warm glow of someone’s cell phone right in front of me.

I can hear from behind me “You’re supposed to turn off your cell phone,” but this woman pays it no mind.  Granted, it’s only previews, but I’m trying to get into movie spirit and this person is throwing off my movie going mojo.  I precariously lean over towards my wife to peer down and what could have this woman so enraptured with loud explosions of coming attractions only to see Facebook.  The social network site had followed me here and was distracting me from my picture show.

After the third preview I did feel compelled to ask the woman to turn off her phone.  She apologetically turned off her phone and the film commenced.  However, at various times during the film, the phone would pop on as she checked her updates.  Now, keep in mind that I am as big as anybody when it comes to promoting social networks for the purpose of staying connected and communication.  The resources on sites like Facebook and Twitter  are invaluable and go a long way towards collaboration and sharing of information.  Unfortunately, in this case, Facebook was going a long way towards taking away from my outing.

As the movie finished up and the credits began to roll I could see the woman stand up and leave the theater with her son.  In the end, knowing that a parent was using her phone during a movie in a dark theater in front of her son.  He will pick up this habit and someday probably do the same thing.  More and more I see people in theaters and restaurants pick up their phones and either text or talk.  For a time I was guilty of this as well, until I decided there was a time to put the phone down.  As technology continues to creep into our lives we need to make a point to show some etiquette and a little respect for those around us.  So, next time you’re in a theater, please be sure to turn off your phone and enjoy the show.


~ by cadaleaders on June 27, 2010.

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