Hey Ma! I’m on YouTube!

Video can be a powerful way to connect with your students and unify your campus.  I have been using video for six years and it has had a huge impact on our school spirit and culture.

Grossmont's video, "I'm on a Boat" for STAR testing.

Anything you can do to get kids faces on a screen generates excitement.  We use video as teaser at our rallies and assemblies to get our students hooked.  Sometimes we produce silly skits and other times we simply interview students around campus.

I have two guidelines I give the kids to ensure as many kids get into the videos as possible.

  1. First, I don’t want the same kids in multiple videos throughout the year.
  2. Second, seek out students who would be good candidates for videos (leaders of various groups on campus).

Outside of that, have fun, find some good music and make your own videos. We are currently working on creating our own YouTube channel so stay tuned!  In the meantime check out our Grossmont High School Facebook Page for some sample videos!


This weeks blog was written by Jeremy Hersch, a History Teacher of 8 years experience and an Activity Director at Grossmont High for 6 years.

~ by cadaleaders on March 21, 2011.

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