All of Us Have Something in Common …

I stand amazed at the quality of educational leaders that are connected through
CADA. At the state convention this year, it was impossible to go anywhere without
witnessing sheer excellence. It was impossible to leave without feeling truly
energized and, in some cases, empowered to integrate technology like we never
imagined. Every detail was exquisite. Every presentation not only educated those
who were there, but also challenged us to do better (and more!) with less.We all arrived at the convention knowing that it was by the grace of God that we
managed to get there with our shoestring budgets and long list of “no” phrases
we had been given from every direction. It is no secret that we are facing the
worst financial crisis ever in the history of education, and we face deeper cuts on a
daily basis as we fall further into territory that is unknown to us all – especially in
the “expendable” world of student activities.

Yet, we still managed to get there.

In fact, every day we still manage to control the climates at our schools. We still
control the weather forecast through student activities. We make something come
from nothing, and we manage to give the students everything they need outside of
the 3 R’s. I am sure we all agree that reading, writing, and arithmetic are essential
– but I also think that we believe that just as important are relationships, social
development, and now technology.

So what motivated you to become an educator? Was it your passion for a particular
subject area? Was it for the opportunity to serve others? Maybe it was that you
had an innate desire to have summers off? I think it is safe to say that whatever the
reasons are, we all aim to make a difference in the lives of our students.

CADA helps us do that. The collaborative opportunities we are afforded allow us
to share our ideas and use our combined intellect to make an even better learning
system for our students. We learn how to behave and act differently. We learn how
to be better and never stop wanting to improve. We learn how to help our students
follow our example. We create a sense of PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in Daily

Yes, we have the utmost responsibility of meeting the individual needs of all the
students that pass through our lives, and we teach students to use and develop their
unique strengths to help each other. We also have a responsibility to take care of
each other and take care of ourselves. CADA allows us to do that – and that I am
forever thankful for.

No matter what happens on a day-to-day basis, we can pause for reflection and
even a month after the state convention, we can look back (and look forward…start
planning for Reno now!) and smile at the many things we were exposed to. I
encourage you to make time to do this at least once a week. Look back at the
handouts you received. Read the book that you bought that is still unopened.
Stay current on the blog and website and make sure you keep up with your fellow
educators on Twitter and Facebook.

We are now all part of the CADA social network and that is a community you need
to stay active in so you can continue to stay energized. CADA is not just a once a
year experience. For those of us involved in local activities and boards, it is not
just a once a month experience. It can now be an experience that we have access to
at all times. It is something that connects us together – something we all have in

Today’s Post was written by Richard Noblett, Principal of Olive Middle School in Baldwin Park, CA. Richard has  15 years in education, Taught 6, 7, & 8th graders for 5 years, AP for 3 years and is finishing his 7th year as a Principal. He also teaches at Azusa Pacific University as an adjunct Math Professor. As a teacher Richard helped with Yearbook and ASB/Leadership. When the activity director retired, Jodie his wife became the ASB director and for 7 years Richard was her lackey. When he became Principal she had to leave Olive and since then I have been the administrative support of some amazing ASB/Yearbook/leadership teachers. He is involved all the time and is the go-to-make-things happen-guy.

~ by cadaleaders on April 14, 2011.

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