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I’ve been doing a lot of work in my core classes as well as my leadership class. The challenge, creativity. My students attempt to put on a face and be something they are not. I am constantly trying to tap into their confidence and show that their authentic self is a great thing to be. Too much I feel they put on a front being afraid of what people will say.

I found this video by Bill Cosby as he speaks about graduating college from Carnegie Mellon. He gives his own definition about being a Nerd and why someone would chose that label – great story at the beginning of the video – which I used to discuss with my leadership students about being labelled a leadership student. We elaborated on that question even further by how different groups on campus interpret the term leadership student.

My favorite part of the video comes five minutes in, when Bill – a master story teller – shares an experience as a young comedian of finally making it big. Bill bombs terribly and almost walks away from comedy all together. With some prompting Bill goes out and kills on his second set. His point, don’t let anyone – including yourself – talk you out of being you. This clip starts about 5:20 into the keynote and lasts a little over 10 minutes.


~ by cadaleaders on January 10, 2012.

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