Peace, Love, CADA 2012


With just a few days to go, and as I prepare to descend upon Reno, it is time to share a few thoughts and give some insight to this year’s convention. To say the least, we are excited and ready to put on another great leadership conference.

First and foremost, if you have not already done it, head over to our online schedule and check out some of the amazing workshops and people who will be attending this year’s convention.  Head to where you an create an account on the site, link up your Facebook, create your own personal schedule, or just interact with your color coded agenda. Also, there are maps of the various events embedded within the app. Lastly, open this URL on your smartphone (Android or iPhone) and save a link on your screen, then you can access your CADA schedule as an app.

This is by far one of the coolest ways to keep track of everything going on at this year’s CADA conference. Keep it green and look at your schedule on your smartphone screen.

The opening day workshops all offer some great resources for you to take-in. Sandy Kurland will be sharing her info on brain research and understanding the people you work with, Matt Soeth will be going over some of the latest trends in technology, and Mike Smith will presenting a brand new program from the Alliance for Student Activities called When X=Student Activities. Three great ways to kick off the start to any convention.

Network to your heart’s content. There is nothing better than sitting and visiting with some of your favorite activity directors, administrators, and presenters. Don’t have business cards to hand out, use Evernote and take everyone’s pictures while you type in their name. Also, all of our vendors are utilizing a scanning system. That means they will be scanning a bar code on your name tag instead of having you fill out a form. You can still bring cards if you have them, or the old tried and true mailing labels, but there are many ways to get contact info and keep track of everyone you meet and see.

For more information on CADA 2o12, check out our podcast with President Elect Monica Anderson. Also, keep checking back to your website for updates and information as they appear. This year’s conference hashtag is #CADA2012 – follow on Twitter and add your own posts as we talk about this year’s convention.


~ by cadaleaders on February 26, 2012.

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