Video You Can Use: Let X = Student Activities

This weeks submission comes from the Alliance for Student Activities. Everyone of us has a story to share about teaching and a student we have impacted or possibly a student that has impacted how we teach. However, that does not lead to much action in this test driven age. For me, I get the, “That’s a great story, but we still have make sure kids can pass the test.” That’s one of the problems, because many kids pass the test because of their relationship with a caring adult on your campus. Once we make the connection that personal goals are academic goals then we can start to see that our student’s success is directly connect to the connections they have to our campus. 

First off, check out Let X = SA. There is a four minute video on that page that some of you may have seen at CADA. Next, share the video with someone you feel can start a movement on your campus: principal, assistant principal, another teacher, your leadership students, school board member or parent. When everyone has seen this video, as yourself this, how are you a champion for student activities? We all know the stories, but now we have the facts that substantiate what we already know, being involved in activities improves student performance and increases academic outcomes.

If you would like your own copy of the video you have that option, there is some additional info on the DVD that you don’t see in the video (plus you have a hi-def version to show people as well). You can even sign up on the website to get more info to help you be a stronger champion on your campus. Lastly, share this with your students. Your kids get it, but do they know what value they have in the culture of your school? It’s time to make them think.


~ by cadaleaders on March 12, 2012.

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