I Will Lead the Freshman Class

“The freshman class has not done any fund raising this year. They haven’t even met since home coming,” were the words spoken to me by my account clerk a few years ago.  Often times, with adjunct duties, teachers sign up for a position with no idea what is expected of him or her.  To counter that, many schools have job descriptions published for each class to help guide the adviser and show them what to do.  So, with Complements of Janet Roberts of Chino Hills High School.


As the Freshman Class Advisor you are their first experience with High School Leadership.  It is during this time that your “Class” will begin to know who you are and the important part you will play in their lives in the next four years.  It is important that the Freshman Class Advisor is selected/appointed in March the year before the “Class” comes to the high school.  This will insure that the Freshman Class Advisor knows what responsibilities and activities they will be involved in.  Following is a list of the responsibilities and activities of the Freshman Class Advisor. Remember to always have fun!!  Ask questions of the other Class Advisors as needed.  This is a team and we all work together.


  • Attendance at all Freshmen sponsored events.
  • Insure that once Class Officers are elected in September, they have a Leadership training session with you, learn how to hold meetings, prepare agendas, or any other information that will be necessary to have a productive year.  Make sure your officers check in with you weekly or daily if it’s during an activity time.
  • Make sure that the Class President has 4th period Leadership Class with Mrs. Roberts.  During this class, officers will gain valuable experience to help the entire Freshman Class.
  • Initiate all calendar date request forms, use of facilities forms and check request forms.
  • Make sure Thank You notes are written to all those that helped out.
  • If questions, ask Mrs. Roberts or other Class Advisors.  Brainstorm with Mrs. Roberts regarding activities/concerns.
  • Take pictures and/or video of the “Class”.  These are great for the “Class” to look back on during their Senior year.
  • Post class points for Class of the Year.  This should be in an obvious known location.
  • Attend the Winter Formal as you will be sponsoring this event next year.


8th Grade Orientation – This is when the 8th grade students from local middle schools come to visit Chino Hills High School in the spring.  At this time information regarding registration, four year planning, study skills, graduation requirements, career paths, survival tricks, electives, activities, athletics, behavior and academic expectations are explained.  Class colors will also be voted on during 8th Grade Orientation. Furthermore, the students receive a tour of the campus and classrooms from Chino Hills students.  This is your first opportunity to introduce yourself to the students you will be working with during the next four years.  Try to recruit help from the 8th graders for the summer and beginning of the year.  Officers are elected toward the end of September.  Have a sign-up sheet available.

Calendar Signing Party – This is another reason why it is important to have the Freshman Class Advisor chosen in the spring.  During May, the Leadership Class will hold a Calendar Signing Party for all sports, clubs and classes.  It is at this time that all fund raisers, activities, rallies and special events are put on the calendar.  It is very difficult to find an empty space on the calendar after this time. In addition, our facilities are used not only for Chino Hills, but the community as well.  Be there!!  All Use of Facility Forms, Fundraiser Requests, and Calendar Entry Forms are available.

Registration Days – It would be helpful to have some Freshman set up a table with a sign-in sheet of these students that want to help with Freshman activities during the year.  Usually you can find these students through the Leadership Programs at the junior high schools.  Ask the junior high advisor to give you names of students before school lets out in June.

Freshman Class Elections – Mrs. Roberts and ASB will assist in Class Elections during the month of September.  Qualifications and Petitions will be distributed through the ASB Office.  Election speeches will be during lunch and voting will be during 4th period homerooms. The students who turn in petitions will campaign. The ASB Commissioner of Elections will make posters to hang on campus regarding petitions, elections and voting.  After elections, contact the parents of your officers to introduce yourself and explain your expectations of their student.

Class Council – Develop a Class Council.  This Council is composed of any freshman student.  The Council provides opportunities for students to develop a sense of belonging.  Also, it creates a work force for rally and class activities.

Homecoming Float – The “Class” will need to construct a float for the night of Homecoming.  The Float should be done at someone’s home with a parent in attendance or here at school with an adult in attendance. The Float will be involved in the parade at the beginning of the game.  This is a very time consuming so get started early.  Parent help is really important especially during the Freshmen year.

Publicity – This is important to any successful activity.  Campus publicity and off-campus (cable, newspaper) publicity for special community involvement should be used to full advantage.  Communication is an essential ingredient to success.  Do not rely on the Daily Bulletin to spread the word, do not rely on just posters, use a combination of difference things.  Materials are available in the ASB Room and many merchants will donate items for use in your project if you ask early enough. You will want to order butcher paper and paints for your class to use for publicity and rally posters.

Fundraisers – ALL fundraisers must have ASB approval prior to the event.  A fundraiser should have been put on the calendar in May for a candy sale or some other fundraiser.  If one was not, check on calendar availability and pick up an Activity Request Form.  Start planning early and get the word out to the Freshmen.  If you are having a Candy Sale, you must keep track of the student, ID # and the amount due.  Complete a Fundraiser Request Form for approval.  Complete a Daily Sales Report and turn in funds to the ASB Finance Clerk.  At the end of the fundraiser, complete a Fundraiser Closing Financial Report.  If a cash box is needed please request one from the ASB Finance Clerk at least one week in advance.

Rallies – There will be five rallies throughout the year.  Before each rally a theme will be picked for each “Class.”  It takes a lot of work and Freshman help to make each one a success.  You will be responsible for decorating the Freshman section.  Review Rally Rules for Decoration before the rally to make sure you will not be deducted points.   Have the freshman class get in the habit of having all decorations done two days before the rally so that the day before the rally you need just come in and hang the posters on the back wall.  Sometimes refreshments or dinner can be served to those that help.

Winter Formal – Sometime during the winter or spring months you and your officers need to select and book a site for next year’s Winter Formal. Meet with Mrs. Roberts for ideas.

Banquet – At the end of the year when your Sophomore Class Officers have been elected they will be invited to the ASB Installation of Officers. This is something you will want to attend. It is a special evening with a lot of awards and usually a dinner.

Granted, the jobs change slightly as the years go on, and I will publish some additional job descriptions in the days ahead.


~ by cadaleaders on April 7, 2010.

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